Information Technology (IT)


The Morton County IT Manager fulfills the roles of website designer, technology officer, network and systems administrator, and provides technical support for Morton County. The Morton County IT Manager is responsible for providing services and maintenance in the following areas for Morton County:

  • Services
    • Installation, support, and maintenance of all software used by the County employees
    • Installation of all computers, software, printers, and peripherals used by the County
    • Installation and maintenance of data network cables and various types of network hardware
    • Assess equipment being replaced and make it ready for sale
    • Purchasing new equipment
    • Setup backup and disaster recovery procedures for all servers, desktops, and laptops
    • Design and Maintain the County's website, the Point Rock Golf Club website, the Museum website, and the Grassland Heritage Festival website
    • Assist County Offices with the creation and maintenance of Facebook pages
    • Provide Audio / Visual and technical support when requested
    • Specialized design and printing of banners, posters, and other items requested by County Offices
    • Technical Contact for all County offices, vendors, and service providers
    • Completes training required to provide services to specific offices
    • On-call 24/7 and during nights and weekends when necessary
    • The IT Manager also provides technical support for the Senior Citizen Centers and Morton County Historical Society Museum upon request
  • Equipment
    • 78 Desktop and Laptops
    • Several Windows Domain Controllers, and File servers
    • IBM AS/400