Uniform Commercial Code

Original Financing Statement, any amendments thereto, or for a Continuation statement, K.S.A. 84-9-403(5)$15
Separate statement of Assignment$15
Statement of Release of all or part of any collateral described in a filed financing statement, K.S.A. 84-9-406$15
Financing statement as a Fixture Filing subject to K.S.A 84-9-402(5)$15
For any Attachment to a financing statement, amendment, continuation; Financing statement of release, or partial release (per page after first 10 pages)$1
Termination of a Financing Statement$15
Written Information Request per Debtor Name, K.S.A. 84-9-407(2)$15
Copy Requests: A copy of any filed financing statement or related statement, per page$1

If multiple actions are requested on one form, you will be charged for each action. Call your local office if you have questions.