Fee Schedule


Recording Fee Schedule (K.S.A. 28-115 & K.S.A. 25-115a)Amount
For recording deeds, mortgages, or other instruments of writing-for first page                               (not to exceed legal size page 8 ½" x 14")$21.00
        For second page and each additional page or fraction thereof $17.00
Recording Mortgage Release or Assignment of one (1)  mortgage that is one (1) page        $20.00
        Each additional book and page listed on Release or Assignment of real estate mortgage$16.00
        For each additional page of Release or Assignment of real estate mortgage $4.00
Recording town plats, for each page$32.00
Certificate, certifying any instrument of record$13.00
For filing liens for materials and services under K.S.A.58.201, and amendments thereto$17.00

Uniform Commercial Code Fee Schedule (K.A.R. Agency 7 Article 17)Amount
Original financing statement$15.00
Amended financing statement$15.00
Continuation statement$15.00
Financing statement indicating assignment$15.00
Separate statement of assignment$15.00
Statement of Release of all or a part of any collateral described in a filed financing statement$15.00
Termination Statement$15.00
Attachments, per page (after first ten pages, which are included in initial fee)$1.00
Written information request: Per Debtor Name$15.00
Copy request: A copy of any filed financing statement or statement of assignment for a fee of $1.00 per page.
If multiple actions are requested on one form, you will be charged for each action.  
Call your local office if you have questions.


General Recording Requirements Documents presented for recording must be originals, signed and properly notarized, and of sufficient legibility so as to produce a clear and legible reproduction. If a document is judged not to be of sufficient legibility, such document shall be accompanied by an exact copy thereof which shall be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear and legible reproduction and which shall be recorded contemporaneously with the document and shall be counted as additional pages (K.S.A. 28-115). The Register of Deeds may reject any document which is not of sufficient legibility.

List of Fees