When should I appeal an appraised value?

All property owners have the right to appeal the appraised value of their (real estate) property, but, by law, they must notify the appraiser's office within 30 days of the mailing of their valuation notice.

If you believe your property is valued fairly, but taxes are too high, an appeal probably won't help you. Instead, you should attend the public hearings held by the local governmental groups about their budgets that set tax rates. Each group invites public comment.

If you think the appraised value is more than you could reasonably get if you sold your home, you should consider an appeal. Remember, Kansas law requires the appraiser to determine "fair market value" when appraising your property. If you are uncertain of your property value, you can review real estate advertisements for properties similar to yours and real estate professionals can provide you with information about the current market.

If you believe the appraiser's office has incorrect or incomplete information about your property, you may want to appeal.

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