Who may take the credit?

Any business owner paying personal property tax on qualified machinery and equipment is eligible for the credit. This includes:

  • Sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, and others filing income tax returns
  • Banks, savings and loans and trust companies filing privilege tax returns
  • Insurance companies paying the insurance company premiums tax

To obtain Schedule K-64, call the Kansas Department of Revenue's voice mail forms request line at 785-296-4937. For more information on this tax credit, please contact the Kansas Department of Revenue offices listed or visit their website. Contact your county officials for information or assistance in determining the amount of personal property taxes paid on commercial and industrial machinery and equipment.

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1. How much is the new income tax credit available to business machinery and equipment owners?
2. What types of machinery and equipment qualify for the credit?
3. What taxes qualify for the 1998 credit?
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5. Who may take the credit?