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Morton County Appraiser's Office Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 9am - 5pm 1025 Morton, Elkhart, KS 67950 Phone: (620) 697-2106

The Taxpayers Role

You, the taxpayer, can play an effective role in the appraisal process if you know your rights, understand the remedies available to you and fulfill your responsibilities as a property owner adn taxpayer.

Fulfill Your Responsibilities:

File a property rendition with the appraiser's office on or before March 15th of every year for personal property and on or before April 1st every year for oil and gas.

Verify that the property you own is listed and described correctly on the tax records, along with your correct name and address.

Follow the procedure prescribed by law at each level of the appeal process.

Know Your Rights:

You have the right to equal and uniform appraisal. Your value should be equitable to similar properties.

You have the right to have your property taxed on it's fair market value or cost.

Taxing districts must inform the public of proposed tax rate (mill levy) increases and give taxpayers time to comment on the proposed increases.

Understand Your Remedies:

You have the right to appeal the valuation of your property.

You can speak at the budget hearings your officials conduct before adopting resolutions and/or setting the tax levy. These hearings are open to the public.